ChalkBox is much more than just a gym

At ChalkBox we call our fitness-home a Box, not a gym. This comes from the original background of CrossFit where you literally just need a box: 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling. We don't need a swimming pool, spa, cafe, and so on.

At ChalkBox we only do functional fitness which means in the most simplest way; we will make you better at daily life. Whether this is running after your kids, spending a day in the office or sitting on the sofa watching tv. We aim to make you move better, sit better, eat better and feel better both physically and emotionally.

That's why ChalkBox is not just a gym. When you walk through the door at ChalkBox for the first time you will immediately be taken by our strong sense of community.  Our members will come to you and shake your hand straight away. They will explain you about their experience at ChalkBox and how it has affected their life's. They will tell you about their PB's, their worst workouts and the friends they have made. They will tell you about their soreness after a workout and how much progress they have made.

The ChalkBox coaches are very proud of our community. It's the members who make our Box a success and its the members who make our work every day a joy. Every member is a piece of art for our coaches which we can scalp into a healthy, fit and strong human beings and we love doing it.

On the day's you want to give your body a break and relax, you can still come to the Box to meet your friends, watch them train, mobilise your muscles, have a drink and enjoy the sun. 

Everyone who likes to be strong, fit and healthy should come for a trial at ChalkBox. There is no better way then to be surrounded by a community of like minded people who all have the same goals.  Coaches who coach with their heart, not their wallet.

Our community in action during a club competition