Get ready for some serious GAINZZZ

Looking back at the last 5 weeks we are super proud of all the efforts you have put in the the workouts but moreover in our fitness community.

It was very special and no one can take away all those great moments. This is truly unique to ChalkBox and hope you agree!

What next?

Our Stronger, Leaner & Healthier You cycle is starting on April 16th. We have crunching all the data collected since start of the year and are putting a program together addressing some of the weaknesses we all need to work on. We can promise you the next cycle is going to be fun, tough and challenging! There will be Olympic Lifting, odd object handling, outside work (yes we will use the field & rig) and much more.

For now till the start we have put together some fun workouts for you to enjoy. There will be some great team workouts, some long metcons and we will continue to hone in those gymnastic skills.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the next update.


Thanks for being an amazing member of ChalkBox!