What a year it has been. We started the year off with Testing & Goal Setting, we had the CF Open, followed by a spicy 6 week programming cycle then you Checked In where you are on your fitness journey. (few more days!)

You all have achieved a lot in a relatively short amount of time. But the journey has not ended. Will it ever? For most of us probably not.There’s always something to work on. So let get to it…what’s in store over the next 6 - 8 weeks before Summer holidays take over life.


As a gym we are going to focus on 3 things:



Strength is a very important base in your fitness..and when we talk in our box about strength don’t think we like to turn you in a muscle man / women. When we like to refer to strength in context as Skill => you need to practise strength, there’s technique involved inactivating your muscle fibres. Developing strength will give you a bigger platform to develop your technical skill. If everything would be equal a stronger human being always win. So imagine yourself stronger, your work capacity will go up as you fit in more skills & technique. 

How does that relate to day to day life? Well…. dropping in waist size, your body changing shape, sleeping better, improved skin health, better health scores, more confidence, feeling happier, having cheat days without feeling guilty… you get the picture.


Well we have done plenty in previous cycle and will continue to do so as most CrossFit workouts are aerobic.

As you’ll remember from our last aerobic cycle, there are more ways to develop the aerobic system than just long and slow monotonous efforts, and we’ll be including many different ways while still keeping the classic CrossFit feel to our workouts. 

If you feel your AC needs attention go to the ChalkFit sessions.


Essentially this will be in the form of mostly warm up drills or added extras where we focus on making the body as balanced as possible. 

We all have some form of asymmetry or imbalance that can be exposed in something as ballistic and intense as CrossFit. It is important to try and plug these before our body compensates and then ‘breaks’ in some way – usually in the form of a niggle or injury.


How will this affect you?

All workouts with their objectives are loaded in SugarWOD. The training template follows a 5 days cycle ( Monday - Friday) with Saturday & Sundays designated as days to focus on a specific modality or skill. We will write more about that later in the month.

The Schedule:

The labelling of the sessions will not change. We still have Movement & Skill, Fitness and Mental Toughness days. These session will rotate through out the week. The mix and balance of these sessions will change as we progress through the cycle.

If you want to focus on Olympic Lifting Skills and same time build a strength base try the Barbell Club. If you want to work on your conditioning specifically try ChalkFit, Running Class or join Saturday morning sessions ( well known for character building workouts 😃 ) 

If there’s any specific weakness or training need please speak to Coach Agnes or Coach Isk. We can help you to design a program that fits in with current box cycle which you can do during Open Gym hours or outside the box.