Chalkbox's Nutritionist

We are excited to introduce you all to Richie. 

Richie will be  working with us as our sport and exercise nutritionist to help you, the members, reach your goals quicker and get the most out of your training. He can facilitate many aspects of CrossFit. These include: weight management, maximising strength gains, improving recovery from sessions, nutrition for supporting adaptations of aerobic capacity, increasing energy during sessions and what to eat before/during competition for maximum performance. 


His approach is to improve your current diet by analysing current intake and lifestyle, track body fat (using skinfold callipers) and weight before recommending key changes to work on between consultations. He will support you on a weekly basis to ensure the implemented changes are maintained. All changes are driven by research, results and sustainability for long term success. 


For his studies, Richie holds both a BSc and MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. He now is a PhD candidate studying the impact of protein and resistance exercise on ageing skeletal muscle. Finally, Richie is SENr (sport and exercise nutrition registered) which recognises excellence in the field to which he has been practicing nutrition for 4 years. 



If you are interested in how Richie can help you

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