Meet Evie

We are proud to introduce you all to Evie. Evie has been at CHALKBOX for some months now and has made huge progress since. There have been occasions it was clear in Evie’s expression she wanted to give up during her workouts, but she never does. Evie works hard in every session and tries to overcome every obstacle that comes in her way.

Evie also is a great addition to our classes as she supports every new member who walks through the door and helps them through the workouts.

We have asked Evie some questions and this is what she said:

What activities did you do before you started CrossFit at CHALKBOX?

I had done sport at school and never enjoyed it and had multiple gym memberships at different gyms but never found motivation to go.

Why did you start CrossFit?

I wanted to be active and thought CrossFit was new and could actually help me enjoy working out.

How was your first session compared to now?

My first session was tough as I was working new muscles I hadn’t worked before. However now, I have gotten used to it. I also am now more familiar with the movements.

What is the hardest bit of CrossFit for you? And what do you enjoy the most?

The hardest part is motivating myself to keep going during a workout. I enjoy the workouts, the coaches and the people the most.

What is your biggest achievement so far since you started at Chalkbox?

I feel better, healthier and stronger than I have before.

How does your family react about your new love for CrossFit?

They don’t understand why it’s so enjoyable but are happy that I enjoy it.

What has changed for you since you started at CHALKBOX and what is your next goal?

I feel better with myself and my next goal is set better times and heavier weights.

Evie well done so far on all you have achieved in the Box! We can’t wait to see you progress even more and help you get better times and heavier weights.