Limited range of motion translates to less efficient movements

You want to get fitter, stronger, and faster? If your weekly routine just consists of lifting and conditioning work, you’re only incorporating two of the three ingredients necessary to reach this goal. What’s missing? Your ability to apply force and create torque to move a load as quickly as possible from A to B.

A lot of people people associate mobility with yoga, and lets be fair, you "the CrossFitter" gets bored by even thinking of doing yoga.  In reality, though, mobility has long been the secret sauce for seriously fit people. 

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: Because we spend so much time in poor, static positions including in front of the computer, TV, or phone, our body gets ‘tight’ and lacks both optimal range-of-motion and adequate activation of specific muscle groups.

Head into a workout with limited range-of-motion, and your assistance muscles will start to compensate. Because assistance muscles are typically smaller and weaker, forcing them to handle excessive torque is a recipe for pain and injury. Worse, if your lifts aren’t activating primary muscles because you can’t achieve full range-of-motion, you probably won’t even build the muscle you’re working toward.

I am sure you now understand that ALL CrossFitters should work on their mobility. Coach Mel will be coaching ChalkFlex sessions where she will focus on your mobility.

We will start ChalkFlex in September on Wednesdays 6:30pm. The ChalkFlex classes will be 30min and focus will be on your mobility, activating of the correct muscles and injury prevention.

We encourage you to take part in these sessions and we will add more sessions if needed. 

YOU can decide what you feel is most important to work on. Mel will program her sessions on what's important to you. 

Lets start booking in for ChalkFlex!