"This has improved my breathing and I feel calmer in general.  I have also lost 1  1/2 stone"

Meet Trevor

We are very proud to introduce our ChalkBox member Trevor.

Trevor walked into the gym in the beginning of March of this year for a taster session. We all assumed Trevor turned up to the wrong venue as he was dressed in nice bermuda shorts, mountain shoes and a farmers shirt. But Trevor mentioned he hadn't been in a gym for a very long time and therefor didn't own any sports cloths.

When we started the Taster session with Trevor he worked very hard and he gave it 100%. It was from that moment obvious Trevor was determent to change his life around and work on a fitter, stronger and healthier version of himself.

2 months down the line Trevor has made enormous progress, he has bought a cool gym outfit, he is moving much better, he is lifting heavy and he works very well in the high intensity workouts. Trevor is THE example of being able to turn your fitness around if you put your mind to it.  


We asked Trevor some questions, and this is what he said:

 What did you do before CrossFit? "Before starting CrossFit I did some weight training at home as I was growing up". 

Why did you start CrossFit at ChalkBox? "I started CrossFit after being bamboozled by my partner and on health grounds decided to join a gym"

How was your first CrossFit session? "My first session was very good, though I hear everyone thought I'd taken a wrong turning as I turned up in the kit I had. I looked as if I was going to the beach apperantly.  Ha ha." 

What do you find hardest in CrossFit? "The hardest bit is trying to learn the techniques"

How was your first experience with the ChalkBox members? "When I first started everyone has been really friendly and supportive.  The other members are great". 

Would you say CrossFit is for everyone? "I would definitely recommend anyone joining even if you haven't worked out for some time"

What has changed since you started CrossFit? "Since joining I have gone from 1 session to 3 a week.  This has improved my breathing and I feel calmer in general.  I have also lost 1  1/2 stone. 
I have also started running on odd days".

Trevor we are very pleased to have you as a member, you work hard in every session and have made great progress in only 2 months time. We can't wait to see where you will be a year from now!