Meet Suzanne (Suzy)

CrossFit is great for everyone (even us oldies), we can all do the same workout whatever level of fitness and get a good workout
— Suzy

We are proud to introduce you to Suzy. Suzy has been a member at ChalkBox since the beginning. She is THE FUN FACTOR in every session and works hard to get to her goals.

We have asked Suzy some questions and this is what she said:

 what activities did you do before you started CrossFit?
I ran across the fields with the dogs, normally sprinting to find where Max has run off to!! I also did a little bit of training at the better body shop, but didn’t enjoy it.

why did you start CrossFit?
Murph’s (my husband) friend told him about it and Murph thought it would be something I would enjoy, and we found Agnes at Raleys gym.

 How was your first session compared to now?
I used the training bar for most lifts especially over my head and now as my daughter puts it I use the big weights!!! Still weak but moved on a bit!!

what is the hardest bit of CrossFit for you? And what do you enjoy the most? 
It changes but wall balls have always been my nemesis, I do believe tall people have a definite advantage as my wall balls are fab if I don’t hit the target, obviously not really the idea. 
I have learnt to enjoy the rower over time but not for a marathon Row, I loose the plot after too many metres. I do quite enjoy a burpee and a good cardio wod that pushes you to the edge!

would you recommend CrossFit to anyone who hasn't been working out for a long time? 
CrossFit is great for everyone even us us oldies, we can all do the same workout whatever level of fitness and get a good workout. Agnes is a great coach always encouraging and Spurs you on to do your best.

Suzy taking part in a team competition

Suzy taking part in a team competition


what is changed for you since you started CrossFit? 
I don’t have as much fat on my bones, my mobility has improved loads, and I just feel so much better in myself. 

And by the way my name is actually Suzanne and has never been shortened until I met Agnes and became Suzy!!! It’s grown on me now!

Suzy we love having you in the Box. You have made a lot of progression in the last years and have put a smile on every coach's face in the session. We can't wait to see you knocking out those Pull-UPs soon! Keep up the good work.

Suzy judging in our competition

Suzy judging in our competition