Meet Herman

It is  a great pleasure to introduce our WODDER of the Month:


Herman has joined ChalkBox a year ago. The ChalkBox coaches have chosen Herman this month to be the WODDER of the month because of his always enthousiatic, supportive and hard working attitude. 

Herman has helped his CF Open 2017 team to victory by being a great Team Captain. He has supported his team members, encouraged them to contribute to the snacks and organised a brilliant BBQ. Next to that Herman always supports others in the Box, works very hard in every workout and is even training to become a coach so he can help people to success in their fitness and strength.

We have asked Herman some questions and this is what he said:

Has anything changed for you since doing CF?

"My overall capacity to perform work has increased a lot. I'm a bit of a math geek so I let numbers tell the story. This is how 4 of my key stats have improved in 18 months:
1. Deadlift from 120kg to 185kg
2. 5km run from 25.30mins to 23:10mins (I was more of a runner before Crossfit)
3. Push Jerk from 70kg to 115kg
4. Back Squat from 100kg to 147.5kg"

What is your favourite WOD?

"Fran (I love Thrusters.... ok I must be weird)"

What do your family and friends think of your CF interest?

"My wife and some of my friends are also doing Crossfit now and they love it. Some people think that we are a bit crazy sometimes. But that's ok as I love being able to do sports and activities with my kids. There is nothing worse than not being able to run or pick up heavy stuff!"

How often do you do CF?

"I try to go at least 4 times a week. "

Thank you Herman for being such a great support to the Box. We can't wait what your numbers will be in a years time!