Coach Katie has some spaces left for you

Coach Katie is as most of you know not just a good coach but a very strong athlete as well. Her recent successes were in the Battle of Britain where she came 3rd and in Raising the Bar she came 3rd as well. Katie is now focused to train hard in the coming years with as goal to become a regional athlete.

Who should book some PT sessions with Katie?

- If you like to work on skill and get better at CrossFit in general

- If you have registered or are thinking to register for qualifiers for competitions, she can coach you through this and help you get to the best out come

- If you like to train for competitions.

Anyone who likes to become a better athlete and might want to try out a competition one day, who better to use as your coach than Katie. She has got all the competition experience and is a great coach. You can share your PT session with a friend (max 2 people)

There are only 3 spots left so if you are interested make sure you lets us know ASAP via the form below.



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