Keep track of your score

The coaches at ChalkBox always urge all members to keep track of their score. Have you always wondered why?

Here is why:

 Do you take your workouts serious? 

Yip it is as simple as that. If you take your workouts serious you keep score of everything you do in the box. Yes even playing around on the pull up bars after your workout.

Assuming you started training at ChalkBox because you wanted to get stronger and fitter and you finally found a gym where this all is possible. You should know after training with us for some months what your 1 rep maxes in most lifts are and what your scores are in the Benchmark WODs.

Have you seen that person in the Box training with you in your class who was a bit slower in the AMRAP because he had more weights on his bar. This person has been tracking his results and knows his body. He knows what he should be able to achieve and where he is in his progress. This person is constantly making progress while others who don't keep a close eye on their score stagnate.

Knowing what you have achieved

Its also great to be able to look at data and see what you have achieved by working hard and pushing yourself on a daily basis. You went from strength to strength according to the data you have produced. So when you hit that moment you feel you are not making any progress, look back. See what you have achieved so far and make this the stimulant to go to the next level.



Notes will add to your achievements and progress

There is also an option to make notes. Have you been mobilising all week and according to your notes you hit full dept in your squat for the first time. Did you go down in weight to hit that full dept? Did you use different shoes?  What ever information you find in your notes will help you in the future. If lowering weights made you squat deeper you know for next time not to go to heavy as it will  turn your squat into a good morning.

1 Rep Max...

Is that really so important to know? Yes it is. A lot of our programming works of a percentage of your heaviest lift and builds slowly to an even heavier one. Oh and on that note, if the WOD says lift at  70% make sure you lift at 70% and not 85% as we program to slowly get stronger and big jumps might set you back. 


If you haven't discovered the SugarWod system yet, make sure you ask your coach. Value your workouts and make sure you track your score.