Check In is behind us and we hope you have enjoyed it! There were many PB's and there was also some realisation that you are still not a super human. We analysed the outcome of the community and have put the final touches to the new cycle to attack some of the weaknesses.

Just as a reminder:

As a gym we are going to focus on 3 things:


Below you will find a schedule of the main themes of the training days. The 3 week cycle will repeat itself. We hope this will help you to decide which sessions you want to attend. If you just want to go with the flow: that's fine. Just come in on your regular days and you will get plenty of varied workouts to work on your General Fitness level.


If you want to focus on Olympic Lifting Skills and same time build a strength base try the Barbell Club. If you want to work on your conditioning specifically try ChalkFit, Running Class or join Saturday morning sessions ( well known for character building workouts 😃 ) 

If there’s any specific weakness or training need please speak to Coach Agnes or Coach Isk. We can help you to design a program that fits in with current box cycle which you can do during Open Gym hours or outside the box.