Meet Debbie and her story

Debbie is a member of CHALKBOX and has signed up to do the Rowing Marathon for charity (Kent Air Ambulance) on September 7th.

We asked her what her motivation is to do so.. This is what she said:

Why did you decide to do the marathon row? 

Because it is such a great cause, I wanted to be a part of it and help raise funds for Josh, who I think is amazing on his 12 challenge quest – I cannot believe how much he is doing, so being a small part of it is really mind blowing.”

Does it help that you are doing this with your husband? 

“We are both hugely competitive, so being in different teams is really motivating us on.”

How often do you train? 

I try to row twice a week as well has my ChalkFit classes.  I have been a cuckoo in the nest training with James’s team which is good because James’s is even more competitive than Paul and I!  My team are starting to train from this week now Xander is back from honeymoon.  I am a little worried, because I think I am probably the weakest link on the team and don’t wish to let them down.”

Debbie’s training partners

Debbie’s training partners

What have you done to raise money for your charity?  

“I have posted the event on FB and sent a round robin email to colleagues at work plus collaring colleagues when I can J helps that when they want favours (such as expenses done), I charge a donation!  We’re holding a raffle with great prizes (still tickets available) and I am hoping my work will make a donation too.”

How can we support you and help you make this a success? 

I think members have been really good with buying raffle tickets and James’s Smartie tubes.  I also understand some members will be turning up on the day to cheer us on which will be amazing. “ 

 Anything else you like to add?   

“Chalkbox has really changed my life and I love going every week.  The people and coaches are amazing and it has given me confidence in myself, so to be able to give something back by fundraising is my way of thanking you guys.  “

Debbie, thanks for your story! We are super proud of all the effort you have put in this charity event. We encourage everyone to drop by on September 7th to cheer on Debbie and her team and all members who take part in this event!

Go guys!