Ten reasons why you should row:

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  1. Rowing is an effective aerobic exercise. Its cardiovascular benefits keep the heart and lungs healthy.

  2. You get a total body workout with the rowing machine. Rowing works on all the major muscle groups. It is one of those few exercises, which work on both the upper and lower body.

  3. Only a few exercises burn calories the way rowing machine does. Rowing machine is effective for weight loss as the exercise provides both strength training and cardio workout. Yes! It burns fat and builds muscles at the same time!

  4. It is beneficial for endurance training.

  5. Vigorous rowing engages all the major muscles in the body and tones and strengthens them.

  6. It provides broader range of motion.

  7. Rowing machine provides greater resistance than cycling. The continuous pull and push motion of rowing provides resistance in not one but two directions.

  8. It is low impact in nature and can be used by people with joint problems.

  9. Rowing helps in improving the flexibility of the body as well as stamina.

  10. It has lower risk of injury.