Join rowing expert Dr. Cameron Nichol

We are very excited to host Dr. Cameron Nichol from RowingWod at our gym in Borough Green Sevenoaks.

To be able to deliver a high quality seminar we only accept 20 athletes. 



Sunday September 30th from 10am - 4pm at ChalkBox

Who is the RowingWOD seminar for?

Athletes, coaches and trainers of all ages that want to get better at rowing, build a bigger engine and improve their mental game.

What will participants learn?

The main takeaway from this seminar is that rowing is much more than just a movement tested in competitive fitness competitions. When integrated into a structured and progressive training programme, it's a tool that builds aerobic capacity, mental toughness and robust technique under fatigue. All of which contribute to performance off as well as on the machine. You will also learn how to coach, spot, and cue their athletes for a broad variety of movements and scenarios.

How is the seminar delivered?

This is a full-day seminar, divided into segments. Participants will be allocated their own machine. Full itinerary here