On requests of several we are running a 6 weeks Structural Strength Course.

What is it? It is not a body building program. It also not a program that magically transforms your body and shows your six  pack.

The program is focused on developing better body mechanics and addressing weaknesses like dodgy shoulders & knees, lower back pain etc

For who? For everyone. If you feel you need to boost your strength or work on that weakness, this is it! The sessions are coached by Isk and it will be tailored to your needs. Everyone is welcome but places are limited to 8: 4 men and 4 women. Yes, 4 men & 4 women only.

Is there no strength in regular CrossFit sessions? You bet there is and you will get stronger by following our regular programing. This strength program won't conflict, it is complimentary and will help you to get stronger faster but more importantly works on your weaknesses. 

What are the benefits? There is a lot written about strength training.

During this program you will:

  • develop bone structure and muscle mass that helps you with keeping weight off but also injury prevention
  • improve glucose metabolism which reduce risk of diabetes for example
  • improve your heart muscle tissue as during strength training your heart contracts forcefully to push the blood out instead of being efficient only when pumping blood around

You will learn about:

  • pre & post wod supplements and general nutrition for strength training
  • develop an understanding of how to continue to work on your strength after the course

Will I be stronger after 6 weeks? Not only stronger, you might tone up or drop a size in your clothing. 

Is it that easy? This program in only for you if you can commit to the sessions, you will also get some home work to do. 

When is it? It will start Friday June 16th and ends Friday July 22nd. Sessions are on Monday 20.00 - 21.15 & Friday 19.00-20.15 except for next week the session will be on Thursday June 23rd at 7pm. If you cannot always make the sessions that's fine. We understand that sometime's life takes over however you are expected to make up the session in Open Gym time. As said you have to commit to it. You get out of it what you put in it.

Cost? £30 for the 6 weeks. Book in Team Up


Any questions contact Coach Isk either on facebook or email isk@crossfitchalkbox.com