Building on the success of Strength Club last year we are going to continue in 2018 with helping you to develop strength and structural balance.

  • Why?

For both beginner and advanced CrossFitter it is important to establish/develop motor skills, coordination, range of motion and correct muscle activation during movement patterns. The program will provide you with the movement competency, structural strength and integrity that will allow you to handle more advanced movement patterns. More importantly the extra strength work will keep your body balanced and injury free.

The Program is designed as such that it will complement the work we are already doing in the box.

  • When?

We are currently finalising the format but can tell you that his time around it will be in blocks of 8 weeks focussing on bulletproofing your body, rotating from one area to another. We know that life can be hectic therefore we will allow for total flexibility when you want to do the workout whilst keeping access to the coaching team.

We are hoping to start with Block 1 @ Feb 1st. Keep an eye out for the next post with more details. Any questions email