Bring on the gainzzz starting April 16th:

The next 90 day trainings cycle is upon us divided in 3 blocks of 30 days. Each week has got 6 workout days (Monday - Saturday). The Sunday is an additional day you got ChalkFit or Barbell Club to choose from.

In the first 30 days we will have a strength bias, clearly focused on the major lifts and addressing some structural imbalances in our body. It is 3 weeks of heads down and working hard. So how will it look like?

Strength Bias:

We have adopted a modified Wendler rep scheme for Front Squat, Dead Lift, Push Press and Bench Press. During this program you will be accumulating higher volume at somewhat lower load giving you the opportunity to work on mechanics. In addition there will be tons of accessory work to iron out all those imbalances and creating a body that’s strong in every position. There’s also a decent dose of gymnastic strength work interwoven in daily wods in addition to a dedicated gymnastics day.

The lifting days are fixed for next 3 weeks on same days so you reap full benefits of Wendler. Gymnastic day will rotate. If this isn’t enough we keep Big Lifts on Saturday and have added an additional hour. The Big Lifts will continue to focus on mechanics, consistency only then intensity.



Oly Skills & Engine Work:

It is time to hone in on C&J and Snatch. Both lifts will follow a 6 weeks program building skills first before we lift heavy. Will be starting off with Snatches and incorporate C&J only halfway through the cycle. There will be some strength work too in Oly Lifitng sessions so it is pretty much all round. 

The workouts focused on developing your engine will be challenging and from time a grind. We will use some odd objects to teach your body how to apply itself. Stick with it and give it all you got.



New Movements:

As we are introducing new movements in some of the WODs move with purpose, go light and only if your mechanics are sound start loading. You also will discover that your body is a symmetrical so don’t be surprised if you have to swap weights when you change sides. Embrace the opportunity to iron out these imbalances so you stay injury free. 

Going to stop here now, any questions just shoot!

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