Two weeks of testing followed by goal setting is starting on January 23rd.



Why? Because we can only know where we are on our fitness journey if we measure where we are. In CrossFit a lot of the workouts we do are measurable and observable. We often repeat certain benchmark workouts and we take specific tests before and after a meso cycle.

Your coaches will use the feed back from the 2 week period to asses the effectiveness of our programming and make adjustments.

What will we be testing? 

There will be a variety of tests such as :

Absolute Strength: How much can you lift for example 5 rep max or 3 rep max
Relative Strength: How much can you lift for example 5 rep max or 3 rep max relative to your body weight
Explosive Power: What is your max power output?
Anaerobic Capacity: ability of your body to produce energy without the use of oxygen
Aerobic Capacity: ability to of your body to use oxygen as efficient as possible whilst generating power output.

Are there no regular workouts then? Don’t worry. It will be a fun 2 week period. Every session will be structured as you are used to and will include a workout


Goal Setting

This is NEW this year at ChalkBox!

Goal setting is an incredibly important task but is not widely used. Goal setting is incredibly effective and can provide clarity and focus not only for the future, but also for the present. The process provides structure and direction when working towards a stated purpose.

Goal setting also provides motivation and can help you organize your time and resources so that you can make the most of your efforts.

Sounds cool right? Right? Let's get to work:

When we set goals we want to follow the below acronym:

S. - Specific: What do you want to achieve? Why? When?

M. - Measurable: How should success look like? Lifting a heavier load? Running Faster? Drop a dress size?

A. – Achievable: There should be a path to follow

R. - Realistic: Set yourself stretch goals however set as well the intermediate steps

T. – Time based: Set a 1 year goal however where do you want to be in 3 months, during summer, in autumn?

Now we’ve looked at the key principles of setting goals, it’s time to set yours. Here are a few tips for setting your goals:

  • Write them down
  • Write them in the positive not the negative
  • Write it down in as much detail as possible
  • Put it up somewhere you can see it daily
  • Need some help with your SMART goal setting?

By the end of this month we will be circulating a form for you to fill out to that can be the basis of your plan. Your coaches will be helping you from Feb 1st - Feb 3rd to formulate your goals.