The Open twice

As a CrossFit affiliate we welcome the changes founder Gregg Glassman is making to the Sport of Fitness. With the new direction more focused on functional fitness for the general population CrossFit has decided to move The Open from February to October and open up the field for seeding the Games through sanctioned events across the globe. Only this year, as a transition, The Open will run twice! Yes twice. Once in February and again in October.

As a box we are participating in both Open events but this year we are approaching it a little bit different. We have decided to make The CrossFit Open in October the main event and will use The Open event starting on Feb 21st as a true test of progress we are making in our training cycle Building Fitter Bodies in 2019.

You still with us? Again The Open event in October will be the main event. For this one we will pull out all the stops out. By then we have been working hard on our fitness and it will be time to show what we have achieved. We will organise teams, T shirts, cakes, fun and banter.

The Open in February will just be a pit stop. We will use The Open workouts as an opportunity to test where we are, take the feed back in and adjust the cycle where needed.

How will it be run?

The CrossFit Open workouts will be part of our programming during the 5 weeks starting Feb 21st. Depending on what the workout is about The Open workout will be on the schedule…..but there’s no fixed day, it all depends on the stimulus of the workouts and we will only know when they are published. If you missed The Open workout you can complete them on the slots made available on the schedule. We envisage to have slots available Friday evening, Saturday late morning and Sunday morning.

Can you still do all Open workouts?

Yes of course as said above on Friday evening, Saturday late morning and Sunday morning the box is open and you can give it a go or in class when it is scheduled. Nearer the time we will update you with exact timings and arrangements for judging and validations of scores - Coach Mel will be running point.

Fundamentally nothing has changed. Find a super best friend and throw down on the days above. That’s how CrossFit has started anyways.

Should I sign up and do all Open workouts?

Yes we encourage you do as many of The Open workouts as you can. Don’t worry if you miss one, we understand life takes over from time to time.