Why should we do Deadlifts?

Deadlifting is a very basic movement; picking something off the floor and put it down again. But when you start deadlifting for the first time you will discover that its actually much harder then it looks; making sure that all muscles are firing together. In this lift we can see amazing growth throughout the whole body from the core, back, glutes, hamstring, grip and so many other muscle groups. Engagement of all these muscles in a unified way is where the magic exists, so let’s have a look at why more muscle utilization is best for us.

There are different ways we can grow muscles, we go for load but also for reps. In a deadlift we almost use every muscle in our body, yes more muscles than we use in a squat. So doing deadlifts is a great way to get stronger quicker and not just in your legs.


What we try to train most in our strength sessions is adaption. We constantly put your body under stress and if you deadlift often and heave your body will adapt to the load. This will make every WOD you do in CrossFit feel easier. If you train for strength the RX weights in your workout become your strength warm up weights. How cool is that!

Many feel that the deadlift is best for training hamstrings and gluts, but guess what, the erector gets a huge amount of load in a deadlift and therefor becomes very strong. A strong erector supports a strong core and a strong core will help you in every lift you do. Think of how strong you will be overhead and how your back is much more protected against over-extending.

So guys - have FUN deadlifting!