Temporary Changes to the Schedule:

The Open is at our door step and we are making changes to the schedule to accommodate this community event at ChalkBox. The Games workouts will be on Friday and Saturday. The sessions are now loaded in Team Up so book in.



How does the temporary schedule work for you?

As per usual every day will be a different day but all working towards an overarching goal. All five Games WODs will present us with a fitness challenge and we are hoping you will take it head on. After a workout of pushing yourself to the limit you need to rest or do some active recovery work. For example if you took on 18.1 on Friday, Saturday is your REST day so you can take it full on again on Sunday. If you did 18.1 on Saturday than Sunday is your REST day or you can have an ACTIVE RECOVERY day.

Sunday: Barbell & ChalkFit - both classes will be programmed as such that you can take it easy or if you feel recovered go hard. To aid your recovery we will add 30min Mobility time in ChalkFit.

Monday - Wednesday: varied programming still with power endurance bias

Thursday: Skill Day - you can use this as an active recovery day to get ready for Games Day or you can push yourself. Up to how you feel.

Other changes: we have moved the already popular BIG LIFTS class to Tuesday 6pm-7pm. Book in now!


At the end of this Schedule we will take a break, by then we have completed 12 weeks of intense work. In due course we will update you on next focus.

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