The engine behind ChalkBox is the community

If you read about health you will find a lot of research that says that walking your dog with some friends could be better for your general health then spending an hour on the treadmill.

The social aspect in your life has a huge influence on how you feel and on your health. This is where ChalkBox makes a difference compared to all other commercial gyms.

ChalkBox is driven by our community. Our members know each-other by name, they cheer each-other on when a workout is hard, they help each-other put away the equipment after using it and they high five each-other after every workout. Training at Chalkbox means working on your strength and conditioning but it also means having fun with friends.

At ChalkBox you will combine fitness with friendship which will add tremendous to your health and happiness.

We like to show how great-full we are for our fun community and therefor we will organise a members week between October 1st till October 5th.

What does this mean?

We will give away prices during the sessions:

  • PT sessions with Mel

  • Training together with Katie

  • Sports Massage

  • Free body fat test with our nutrition Richie

  • and some cool goodies…

You will also get some nice snacks after your workouts to help you recover quickly.

So make sure you book in for the sessions between October 1st and 5th and let the coaches spoil you!