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This week we start the Friday Night Bar Fight. We have 74 members taking part! As it will be busy we like to ask all attendees to book in your slots between 5pm and 8:15pm to avoid people having to wait too long. Your team leader will answer all questions you have. Good luck to Team Purple, Black, Grey, Blue and Red!

As Coach Isk has posted on Chalk It you are all very nicely progressing on your fitness journey. The last 6 weeks had a main focus on Metcon mixed in with strength work. Next 6 weeks will be a mix of Skills, Drills and some classic CrossFit wods. Read below in “Training Focus This Week” what you can expect.

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Training Focus This Week

What to expect this week?

We are starting a new phase of “Building Fitter Bodies” at CHALKBOX. It is a 6 weeks cycle, short and sweat zooming in on Skills, Drills, metabolic conditioning and key Strength work. There will also be an additional focus on mobility and drills to regain full range of motion in your movements.

The week will be set up with Bar Fight Night in mind - which we treat as a Benchmark workout. So here it goes:

  • Mondays are Open Workout Prep Days. On the menu will be a Open workout. The coach will take you through Workout Strategy, warm up & drills followed by “Games style workouts”

  • Tuesdays are classic Strength Work sessions. Your chance to work on some of your weaknesses!

    Note that Mondays and Tuesdays alternate

  • Wednesdays are Mobility & Interval Sessions Days. A good chunk of the hour will be spend on mobility and regaining full range of motion drills. The interval sessions are elegant, simple and brutal :-)

  • Thursdays are Skill Practise Days. Longer, slower paced workouts with plenty of skill work. This one is ideal to perfect your technique or need a low intensity workout to prep yourself before Bar Fight Night!

  • Fridays are Bar Fight Nights. If you are in the morning class don’t worry you will be left out of all the fun :-). It will be the same workout as Bar Fight Night.

  • Saturdays are Fun & Active Recovery Days. On this day we truly mix things up, we get you body moving, blood flowing, work on mobility, listen to goo dtunes and have fun. This workout is to speed up recovery quickly after a hard week of training!



Open Prep: Open 16.5


Theshold: A mixture of movements to make your hear rate go up



Strength: Romanian Deadlifts, Bench Press followed by Tricep & Bicep work!

Butt Club

Its all about the B….


Strength Endurance : Using weights in combination with the Bike



Mobility & Intervals: mobility drills and bike intervals


Strength and Movements: Activate your muscles!



Skills & Drills: Rowing technique & Gymnastic Skills


Strength & Conditioning: this will involve BURPEES





Monostructural: More Burpees (only a morning session!)



Team Fun & Active Recovery Day: a surprise!!!!



Partner Fun