Training this week @ChalkBox starting Feb 12th:

One more week to go peeps!

MONDAY: Another IWT combo. Really spicey!

TUESDAY:  Continue to work on Snatch Skills...good chance they will be in the Open

WEDNESDAY: C&J and mid line work

THURSDAY: Lift heavy first then work on your gymnastics

FRIDAY:  An Open workout - test yourself :-)

SATURDAY: Overhead work and then a short but heavy metcon

If you want to work on your individual goals:

  • Barbell Club is on Wednesday 8pm & Sunday 930am
  • ChalkFit is on Wednesday 8pm, Friday 6pm & 7pm and Sunday 930am & 1030am
  • Big Lifts on Saturday 830am. Mechanics, Consistency only then Intensity. 
  • Strength Program V2.0 is starting Feb 1st 

Please book in advance as above session are usually waitlisted.

All workouts are listed in SugarWod. Any questions email:

Enjoy another week of training at ChalkBox!