Following on from our previous post about developing our Aerobic System here are some of the methods we will be using over the cycle and what it may look like in a workout setting:

A lot of these methods can be made more effective by utilising different heart rate intensities and heart rate recovery periods. So for those of you who have a heart rate monitor we will provide some guidelines on when/how to use it during the cycle.


Cardiac Output

Aim: Improve oxygen supply and delivery of oxygen to vascular network.

How: Longer work periods of 30-90 minutes, at lower heart rates.

Example: This will be a great opportunity for us to focus on skill work and some of the more complex movements. The goal is to keep you guys moving at a low level for almost the whole 60 minutes of the class.

A Warm-up) 10 rounds: Row 20 seconds moderate pace, 40 seconds easy pace

B) Alternating mobility EMOM x 12 : (1) 5x Skin the cat (2) 6x Thoracic flow (3) 10 Wall facing squats

C) Alternating skill EMOM x 12: (1) 5 Muscle-up transitions (2) 10 Kipping ring rows (3) 1-3 Muscle-up attempts

D) 3 rounds for time: 800m Run, 15 Wall balls, 6 Muscle-ups

Cardiac Power Intervals

Aim: Improve oxygen supply at higher intensities, increase in contractile strength/endurance of cardiac fibres, increase in mitochondrial density.

How: Max effort work for 1-2 minutes, with rest periods of 2-5 minutes

Example: We have done many interval workouts like these before, so these should be nothing new.

A) 8 x 2 minutes on : 2 minutes off: 400m Sprint, Max rep thruster in remaining time

Tempo Method

Aim: Stimulate hypertrophy of slow twitch fibres which play a role in aerobic, anaerobic and muscular endurance. This is also great for working positional strength and can be applied to barbell and gymnastic movements. I am super excited to see your gains using this method.

How: Tempo lifting aka the suckfest

Example: We have been playing around with the tempo stuff in the Weightlifting Club classes recently, its fun!

A) Back squat: 20 minutes to establish heavy set of 5 for the day

B) Back squat: 3-5 x 10 @ 40-50% 1RM, rest 60 seconds between sets. Tempo: 2020 (2 seconds down, 0 pause, 2 seconds up, 0 pause)

Threshold Method

Aim: Increase aerobic systems max rate of ATP (energy) production, raise anaerobic threshold.

How: Longer, high intensity intervals.

Example: Again, nothing you are not used to seeing already

A) 7 minute AMRAP: 10 Wall balls, 10 Burpees

- Rest 5 minutes -

B) 7 minute AMRAP: 10 Power cleans, 10 Box jumps

Explosive Repeat Method

Aim: Improves fast twitch fibre aerobic qualities. Increase repetitive power output by developing slow twitch fibres rate of lactate oxidation

How: Cycles of increased work/decreased rest each week. This can be applied to barbell movements, but I have found it can pretty potent at developing gymnastic movements.


Wk1: 8 seconds for max reps : 60 seconds rest

Wk2: 10 seconds for max reps : 50 seconds rest

Wk3: 12 seconds for max reps : 40 seconds rest

Wk4: 15 seconds for max reps: 30 seconds rest

Think of movements that can be fast and explosive: Ring dips, push-ups, HSPU, jumping/bounding etc