Stop making excuses stay consistent with your training and your goals

"Stop making excuses, stay consistent with your training and your goals says Sarah"

"Stop making excuses, stay consistent with your training and your goals says Sarah"

Everyone has a goal in mind that they are working towards. In order to reach it, a lot of people will plan ahead for it. Still though a lot of people will fail and simply not reach what they are trying to achieve. The separating factor between those successful and those not, is simply called consistency. This is what you are consistently doing day in and day out. This consistency needs to be applied across three important areas in CrossFit - Nutrition, Recovery and Training.


Consistency is key here. Everyone operates differently, with macro rations unique from person to person. Use food as fuel for your workouts, build muscle and use your body the way that it should be. Learn to track and monitor your food in comparison to your training. Gains are made in the kitchen!


There are two areas where consistency can be applied in training. Firstly the quality of training, if you don't like to step out of our comfort zone and never really push ourselves during workouts you will not achieve what you’re hoping for. Crossfit is about being uncomfortable most of the time. Secondly the volume of training, be consistent with a clear focus and plan. If you’re not making progress, you need to evaluate your priorities.


This can be applied to sleep, active recovery as well as stretching and mobility. Consistency again is the most valuable tool, your performance will be lacking if you’re out partying with your mates. This doesn't mean you need to become a recluse, but balance is needed if you want to improve. Same with stretching and mobility, if you want a range of good functional movements, do it daily. Include in warm up or cool down or 10 mins before bed, be consistent.

Don't make excuses and do your best. If you have a plan for something in life, go for it. This along with consistency is what makes the difference between succeeding and simply not.