Your stiff upper back is a pain in your neck

Most of us have an upper back that is too curved or too flat. While these postures look different, both are a sign of a too stiff thoracic spine and they both put strain on the neck.

Because of where they’re located, the position of your head, neck and shoulders is inherently controlled by the position of your thoracic spine.

If the thoracic spine is too curved, then your bowling ball of a head will fall forward, putting the large neck muscles in constant strain and turning off the deep neck stabilizers. The shoulders will also be pulled forward, creating even more pull on the neck, because they’re…well…muscularly attached to each other.

There's a simple way how you can alleviate the pain. Myofascial release is a manual pressure technique used to eliminate pain and restore mobility to restricted dysfunctional muscle tissues. This technique is essential for any workout plan because it is directly relates to posture, and injury prevention.  They key is locating the trigger point (myofascial release). Have fun finding that trigger point, you will definitely feel it when you hit it!