Should you drink water during a workout?

If you have done my classes you know my answer :) I have even banned water from some people… Yes badass coach, I know…

We know water is an important factor in our life’s and we need to make sure we stay hydrated. To understand how you need to deal with thirst in a workout, you first need to consider how water can impact your athletic performance. See, when you start to feel thirsty in the workout, you’re already 2% dehydrated. Because water makes up 75% of all muscle tissue and about 10% of fatty tissue, the onset of dehydration—even at minimal levels—can have a significant impact on performance.

So reading the above facts we can conclude we need to stop during the WOD and drink right?… NO we don’t… Many use their water break as an excuse to slow down in their WOD… And as you all know it drives me mad :).

If you really can’t continue with a drop of water, then by all means… But most of you should be able to bite through it and continue without. I hardly drink during WOD’s unless there is a rest built in the WOD. I don’t need it and I don’t want to teach myself a way out of the high intensity WOD’s. If I need a break I will stop, count till 5 and go again…

You need to drink through-out the day and if you prepare your workout well you should not need to drink during your workouts. Drink 30ml 1 hour before your class starts or have a small glass 30min before, that should be enough to get you through it.

See you in the next class and leave your water bottles in the car :)