ChalkBox members get discount at The Running Outlet

As many of you already know all ChalkBox members get a discount at The Running Outlet. At the Running Outlet cloth for running is being sold but also suitable for CrossFit. My favourite is the 2XU legging!

We have asked the owners of The Running Outlet to inform you of what they offer:

We are a running specialist selling running shoes from the major brands like Nike and adidas as well as more running specific brands like Brooks, Asics, On and Hoka.

But as well as shoes we also sell clothing suitable for any kind of training. If you're not planning on sweating much then you can get away with and old cotton t shirt but clothing by Nike and adidas is made from technical fabrics that are designed to be more breathable, draw sweat away and dry quicker.

There's also fewer seams and labels to make them more comfortable. We also stock 2XU and Skins compression clothing which support the muscles more and help with recovery by encouraging faster bloodflow to the muscles.

If planning to combine more running with CrossFit it is advisable to wear running shoes with the right amount of support that you need as everyone is different. As well as the website we also have a store in Canterbury where we can carry out full gait analysis which looks at the way you run and what type of shoe is best for you to support your knees, hips, back, etc...

You can find your discount code on the posters hanging around in the Box. So if you were still looking for Christmas present ideas, have a look!