When you decide to get fit – whether that’s losing the last five pounds, dropping the first 100 pounds, conquering your first 5K or half-marathon, or getting ready to rock it in a CrossFit competition – you want a gym that’s as dedicated to your goals as you are. And that’s us.

CHALKBOX’s world-class coaches are the very best in the region. Every day, every class, we bring our all to the gym floor to help you reach your goals. Fun, energetic, and overwhelmingly supportive, our coaches will scale every workout to meet you right where you are. Your workouts will always be exactly the right balance between "challenging" and "not going to kill you."

If you’ve ever heard intimidating things about CrossFit, come in and let us prove you wrong. What’s cool about CHALKBOX, is that literally anyone can do it. Every workout is adjustable to be as tough or as light as your body requires. We even have a ChalkFit program that removes the barbells, to make CrossFit-style workouts even more accessible to the everyday person. So it doesn’t matter if you’re injured, overweight, young, old, or already an elite athlete – CHALKBOX offers hands down the most fun, results-driving workouts you’ll ever experience.

Open 7 days a week, nutritional guidance, CrossFit, ChalkFit, Barbell Club Personal Training, New2XFit classes and a whole lot more. You’ve never seen a gym like this before. Sign up for your FREE Trial session now and experience CHALKBOX for yourself.