It's all about functional movement

Recently I had to do an interview and the questions that were asked were the questions I get a lot from people interested in ChalkBox. When I was thinking of how best to answer this it was actually simple. The answer is just the goal of what we want to achieve with every member of ChalkBox.

What makes your gym different from the rest?

The answer to this is simple, it is what our coaches work on every day in every session; our priority is to make people move better.

Our focus is not on losing weight, looking lean and designing the perfect body, these things will come automatically if you follow our program. Our focus is to make sure that every person who steps in our gym moves well. If you move well in the gym, you will move well outside the gym. If you move well you will put less stress on your body and on your joints. If you move well you will progress more in getting stronger and fitter.

Every person who walks into ChalkBox will constantly be assessed on their movement. As all our sessions are coached by dedicated coaches we will check your mobility and movement in every session. Can you squat well? How is the range of motion of your shoulders? How flexible are your hamstrings? Can you activate your lats or are you very traps dominant? No matter how strong, flexible and fit you are, our coaches can always improve your movements which will make you a better athlete.

We have got people coming through our door between 5 and 70 years old and no matter what age, we make it our mission to make them all move well. If you are 70 and can still touch your toes and go in and out of a chair without holding on to anything you are guaranteed to stay independent for a long time. In fact someone of 70 who can touch their toes and move well have a younger body then a 25 year old who is inflexible and moves badly. 

A lot of people look at CrossFit videos and think wow, that looks cool but I will never be able to do that. Guess what, you are wrong. Ask any of our members who have been with us for some time. They are doing moves now they probably didn't even know existed a year ago. We make our members snatch, no matter what age and we make them jump on a 30inch box. We all can do it with the right coaching and the correct movement patterns.

Do you want to move better and be better at life, sign up for a FREE taster session now!