Advise from Katie on what to eat on competition day

With Battle of Cancer competition coming up coach Katie has put down on paper how she normally prepares for a competition:

1. Keep it simple, don’t eat anything new that you don’t normally eat.
2. Thursday & Friday before the competition increase your carbohydrate food intake by 20-30g at each meal - this is not a lot so don’t go mad and don’t overeat. Examples, oats, potatoes, quinoa, rice, beans alongside extra veggies. Make sure the carbohydrate source is good of energy, you are after performance.
3. Do not carb load the night before, just eat a regular size meal.
4. Get up early and eat breakfast before you leave home.
5. Lunch on competition day should be simple, fish and rice, chicken and rice and more protein & carbs based.
6. Be aware that you may not have time for a set lunch. You may well end up eating this at the end of the day depending on competition times. Don’t take a lunch which is too heavy or will bloat you out. You will need to workout the best time to eat this based on your workouts.
7. Take easily digestible snacks which help in maintaining a high blood sugar levels without spiking your blood sugar levels too much. Good examples, bananas, dates, energy balls, pancakes, fruit, nuts. Small easily digestible snacks is key - don’t eat a whole bag of dates or nuts!
8. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

Lastly, have fun, don’t stress and treat yourself to an ice cream in the evening! Any questions please ask.

Coach Katie