What makes ChalkBox different?



At ChalkBox most of the coaches have full time (office) jobs. They coach at ChalkBox because they want to share their passion. 

Our coaches do not coach to make a living but to share their passion for fitness. They like to share their knowledge of how to live a healthy life.

Our aim is to create a gym where people feel welcome, pushed and coached at a personal level. Our programming is constantly fine-tuned to the needs of our members. 



Whether you are new to strength and conditioning or are a top athlete, we like to help you progress to the next level. All our members are likeminded. They like to feel better then ever before and they are willing to work hard for it. By making our workouts constantly varied and by focussing on all metabolic pathways we have created a program which suits everyone and helps every individual reach their goal. 

We like to invite you to our community and show you what ChalkBox is all about.  Book a FREE trial session below.