Fear of failure can be a barrier to improving any area of our lives

Fear of failure is paralyzing and leads to inaction. When we don’t act, we don’t succeed, which reinforces the idea that we have failed. This becomes cyclical and leaves us feeling powerless. 
— Coach Isk

It's important to move out of a perfection model, and into participation mode.

We don't have to be the best at everything we do, but by not participating, we have no way of discovering how great we can actually be. The goal is to embrace the fear. Trying something new can be very exhilarating, and discovering that we're good at it is incredibly empowering. 

The way to move past the fear and into action is to take one step at a time, recognizing that even baby steps are forward moving. 

The first step is recognizing that nobody becomes fit overnight. When we compare ourselves to those who've got a push up, pull up or any other skill/movement, and then are not able to perform at an advanced level right out the gate, we give up. Remember that every CrossFit athlete  has been practicing and perfecting their skills for several years, often over the course of a life time, and being fit does not require being an advanced athlete. 


Recognise you are a beginner and start slow:

Join even a session when a workout looks close to impossible for you and rather than focusing on the most advanced participant, look around and recognize how many others are exactly like you. Participating in a group class can be scary at first, but can ultimately be very supportive. Once you see how many people are just starting out, you can feel confident knowing that you are not alone.


Connect with others:

Reaching out to other members in the class can connect you with people who share common goals and can be a great support system. Join together to do other fitness activities outside of class, like walking or running, and use one another for motivation. Knowing that the other person is counting on you to walk with them or even be at class with them keeps you accountable to showing up as well. Over time, you will get stronger and increase your skills and with practice and participation, you will reach your goals. Practice and patience are essential to making progress, and showing up, is the key to success.