The Benefits of Muscles for Women


I don't want to look Bulky

How often haven't I heard this at ChalkBox

Many women fear bulking up or looking masculine, but that’s scientifically impossible. Men can naturally build more muscle than women because of their testosterone levels. But even men with bulky muscles have to work extremely hard at it because it’s not how the body naturally responds to exercise. However, different body types respond to exercise at varying degrees making it easier for some women to build muscle faster than others.

Building Muscle actually slows down the ageing process

By the time a woman hits the age of 30, she’s reached peak bone mass. After this time, bone loss sets in at a rate of three to five percent per decade. Likewise, after age 40, women also tend to lose muscle mass, which is often replaced with fat due to the metabolism slow-down that happens around this time.

Building muscles makes you lose weight

The best way to boost metabolism is to build muscle. Metabolism, the process by which your body creates energy from food, slows at a rate of two to three percent every decade after the age of 20. If you want to make your metabolism more efficient, you’ll need to increase your muscle mass.

Increase strength and endurance

The most obvious outcome of building muscle is increased strength. It not only makes daily tasks like carrying groceries and lifting heavy objects easier, but it also helps to gain power, increase stamina and prevent injury to the joints during cardiovascular exercise like running, power walking or bike riding. You’ll also improve balance and agility.

Women at CrossFit ChalkBox

At ChalkBox women work on both strength and conditioning. We make them lift (heavy!), run, jump and do gymnastics. Our female members look leaner, healthier and stronger and they are proud of it.


Women any age!