The 12 days of CrossFit:

What’s it all about?

We challenge you to 12 back-to-back benchmark days of CrossFit from Tuesday 5th – Saturday 16th

How does it all work?

Regardless of what membership you have we invite you to attend class every day from the 5th-16th of December. If you are on twice a week membership we ask for £2 which will be donated to a local charity.

This challenge is open to absolutely everyone, all you need to do is turn up to a class, make sure you give your name to the coach, we will write your name on the board and keep a huge log of the 12 days.

What if I can’t RX the WODs?

Don’t worry, we will provide you with scaling, as always for the benchmarks WODs, however we encourage you to try your hardest and push your limits. Its not often we’re able to program in so many benchmark WODs so its a good time to hit some PBs!

What if I can’t make it one day?

Don’t worry if life gets in the way, just complete as many workouts as you can. We do not recommend double day WODs to make up for a missed day, this challenge is tough enough as it is!

Some Tips:

-Get enough sleep! This is your ‘rest’ time, of which you need as much as possible, so aim for 8 hours at least!
Fuel and recover well. Without good recovery you will be sore by day 6 so make sure your eating enough and repairing those muscles. Maybe considering upping your food intake. Think about perhaps taking on more good proteins, fats and carbs, you’ll need all the energy you can get!
Mobilize! You want to be as supple leopard as possible and not squatting like your granny by the end of 12 days, so keep moving. Think about adding some extra mobility into your morning and evening routine.
-Have fun! This really is an enjoyable 12 days, even on Day 9 when your thinking will this ever end and wondering why on earth you’d agreed to do this, its all for fun .

You’ll proudly be able to say at the end of the 12 days you tried your hardest and was able to push and dedicate yourself to the challenge….
-…final tip, DO NOT GIVE UP!

What happens on Day 12?

The WOD on Day 12 is a very special one, so after the 12 days of hard work you deserve a bit of a treat! We will keep it a surprise for now.

So a quick round up…

What: 12 Days of CrossFit, 12 benchmark work outs back to back.
When: 5th-16th December
Where: in our Box ofcourse!
How: No need to sign up just book as per usual, just turn up to all 12 days


So will you be taking on The 12 Days of CrossFit Challenge?