The last workout of 12 days of CrossFit Challenge is just behind us and oh boy what are we proud! You all worked hard, made new friends by sweating together and most important there was such a great vibe in the box.

It was a great test of your fitness as the training cycle has been leading up to this challenge. We looked at the stats and everyone has improved in at least one area be it you lifted more, ran faster or you have been able to RX a workout first time. A big congratulations from the coaching team on your achievements.

A few of you have set life aside and no matter what were determined to finish the challenge. This year we have SEVEN winners completing 12 days of CrossFit whoop whoop whoop! It was sheer determination, grit, sweat, blood and yes some tears! WELL DONE!

Next 2 weeks we take the intensity back and focus on reinforcing some of the basic movements in CrossFit. This will give you the opportunity to stay on top of your fitness while you enjoying the holiday season.