Since starting Crossfit I have realised that anything is possible with hard work and determination
— Glen

The ChalkBox coaches didn't have to think long this month to pick Glen as Wodder of the month. Glen started his CrossFit journey at ChalkBox in July 2016. Since then he has progressed massively.

Glen is a super supportive member of our community. He is the person next to you pulling you through the workouts. His enthusiasm for CrossFit helps every member in the Box to enjoy even the hardest workouts. There were moments where the coaches had to slow Glen down as he easily could do 3 workouts a day. 

We have asked Glen some questions on his journey at ChalkBox so far and this is what he said:

Before I started CrossFit I played rugby for twenty years. I stopped playing due to injury and the older I got the longer the recovery took! I then started triathlon and completed a half iron man (still my aim to complete a full iron man).

I have trained functional fitness for a few years along with insanity and bootcamp. I had heard so much about CrossFit from a PT friend that I decided to give it a go. I haven't looked back since. The hardest part of CrossFit for me is anything overhead and gymnastics movements. 







"My wife Lisa says the only reason she started was so she  could get to see me!"

My favourite part of CrossFit is getting a new movement right or progressing through the scaled versions. There is nothing better than looking back to when you started and thought you would never be able to do a movement to actually being consistent with the RX version. 

Most of my friends and family think I'm a little mad as I spend quite a bit of time at the box they are all very supportive though. I can't pick out a best memory as there are so many. I love the feeling of finishing a WOD and knowing that you had nothing left to give.

Having my wife training with me is brilliant. I took some convincing to get her there but she is really enjoying it.

Since starting CrossFit I have realised that anything is possible with hard work and determination.


Glen it is a joy to have you in the Box and we are looking forward to see you progress to the next level and witness you finishing the full Iron Man!