Meet James!

We like to introduce you all to James. James started CrossFit at ChalkBox in June 2018. When he started he was already strong but was lacking stamina and mobility.

Since June James has made a lot of progress. You will find him at the ChalkFit sessions working on long endurance workouts, his lifting form has improved a lot and his mobility is getting better. He also has turned into a gymnast as he is walking on his hands all day long.

James never fails to support other members and has become an important part of our community.

We have asked James some questions and this is what he answered:

What activities did you do before you started CrossFit at ChalkBox?

I've always been gym orientated, training a few days a week, mainly to get conditioned for playing rugby. 

I also played baseball at National level, which is a bit different! “

Why did you start CrossFit?

“I actually came across CrossFit through a recommendation from a friend, who said I should give it a go, I looked into it a while back, however never really thought it was something for turns out I was wrong, I obviously never knew just quite what CrossFit was all about! Now I can't get enough! “

How was your first session compared to now?

“My first session..blimey was tough! From just just plodding in the gym to going flat out with movements I've never done before, certainly shocked the system, it took me a good few days to recover!

Compared to now, my recovery is so much better, i feel like i'm as strong as I've ever been and I am improving week after week and I've just completed a 24HR AMRAP so i think that says it all!

However, the results I've had wouldn't of been possible without the coaches knowledge and guidance so i can't thank them enough for their support! “

What is the hardest bit of CrossFit for you? And what do you enjoy the most? 

“The hardest part of CrossFit for me personally is anything front rack based, coming from a rugby background where everything is so front dominant, mobility was always going to be a problem, but once again from where i started to where i am now, there is a huge difference! Chalkflex too has helped massively, so thanks Mel!”

“What I enjoy about Chalkbox...not just CrossFit in general is the people and coaches I train with, its always a fun and happy place to be, there are no 'ego's, everyone is there to improve, everyone has the same desire to smash their own personal goals, there is always friendly competition which is what spurs me on a lot, but I also enjoy trying to help others improve at the same time too! “

What is your biggest achievement so far since you started at Chalkbox?

“I think my biggest achievement to date is completing the 24Hr AMRAP for sure the toughest thing i have ever endured, not just physically but mentally too! 

Learning to handstand walk is also up there, never thought I'd see myself doing something like that! “

What has changed for you since you started at ChalkBox? and what is your next goal?

“My attitude has changed, I've got the desire back to push myself harder and harder to go get those results! I also feel happier and have more energy in day to day life! 

My next goal is to get a muscle up, going to be working hard on that in the new year! 

I would also like to wish everyone at chalkbox a happy new year....bring on the gains in 2019!! “

James you are a joy for all members and coaches to be around in the Box. You are an inspiration to many and we love having you around. We can’t wait to see you do your first muscle up!

Keep up the good work and the support you give to all of us!