What is it?

A challenge to complete 12 days of back to back workouts. Yes 12 days in a row....and everyone is invited to jump in. 

This year we have asked you to nominate 6 bench marks WOD's and your coaches will pick the other 6. Head over to our FB chat group and pick your 6 favourite workouts!


From Tuesday 6th till Saturday 17th. The workouts will replace the regular sessions. Our bookings system will be updated by end of this week.


Because we love a challenge and we love CrossFit! This is a special time as this will bring the community together. The workouts will be run in heats you will be judging, supporting and having fun.

For who? 

For everyone and for any abilities. All workouts are scalable as per usual. 

What if I am not on unlimited membership?

If you are on twice a week membership and you want to join more sessions we ask you to donate £2 for each session which will go to a local charity.