The final is upon us and we got an epic workout for you! We have structured the Saturday a little bit different then usual. It is GAMES DAY!!!!

The final WOD is going to run in 3 HEATS of 10 Athletes:

Heat #1: arrive 08.00 - game on 08.15

Heat #2 arrive 08.45 - game on 09.00

Heat #3 arrive 09.30 - game on 09.45

Be on time or even better a little bit early. There will be a designated warm up area for you to get ready. 15 minutes before start of your Heat you will be called into the arena where you will get a brief on the WOD and you get the opportunity to check your gear etc.


So whats the FINAL WOD?

Well it is going to a surprise but read this carefully:

- bring something warm you can sweat in 

- bring a skipping rope

- running shoes

- spare pair of socks

- a clean T shirt

- hopefully not needed but spare underpants

What it is going to be?

- Fun

- For all abilities

- You will come back for more