I want you to be part of my team!

Our 2017 Change Challenge is starting end of this month. This is a great opportunity to get yourself back on track and/or continue to work on a healthier and fitter you!

You won't be doing this on your own. This will be a community challenge. You will be working in teams and there's plenty of support around you. In our last Change Challenge we had 25 members participating and they had some amazing results:

  • They lost collectively 125.6kilograms, 69.4cm off their waist line and 57.3cm of their hips.

  • The group lost per week: 15kg, 8.6cm of waist line and 7.1cm of hips. 

  • On average people lost 4.7kg, more than 4cm of their waist line and more than 3.7cm around their hips.

  • They got fitter and stronger and recorded several PB's in the workouts.

Keep an on your email, the registration email will come out shortly.