A Happy New Year to all our members! We hope everyone had an amazing time with friends and family.

We are kicking off 2017 with the last cycle of our 25 weeks program and we are very keen do some testing soon. Please find below an update on our programming.

We are also working on a few new things..... we will introduce soon digital tracking for your WODs, adding new sessions...think of a spinning class but with assault bikes and a class for people who need help to get back into fitness after a serious injury or illness.

You will notice that building works around us are taking off. We are hopeful that by end of March our extension is ready till then please take care when you arrive or leave.
— Team ChalkBox

Here we go...1Q2017 update:


  • Our Social Event on Saturday 7th 7-11pm in Sevenoaks. Sofar 40 have registered, there's still space left. Stuck with your partner, they are welcome to!  BOOK IN 
  • CrossFit Open 2017 registration start Jan 12th. As a box we are participating in this competition. Read more about it HERE
  • If you are serious to continue to work on your health and shape the Change Challenge is starting Jan 23rd. Our proven Change program is running again after several requests. We are updating it after the last challenge. Expect an email shortly with more details.
  • Testing week Jan 23rd - Jan 31st. Your opportunity to check out where you are on your fitness yourney.
  • Goal Setting Feb 1st -3rd. We use 3 days to define your fitness goals. More details on how this works will follow.
  • CrossFit Open starts Feb 23rd - ends March 27th
  • Mother's Day BBQ March 26th
  • Dirty Rotten Scramble in Penshurst May 7th. We got a team of 20 participating. It is not too late to if you want to join:

Details:Website: http://thedirtyrottenscramble.co.uk

Team name: Chalkbox

Discount code: CHALKBOX15

Start time: first heat, Penshurst



You have made a lot of progress in developing your aerobic capacity and Olympic Lifting skills. A key area to work on continues to be the squat, overhead strength and metabolic flexibility. This translate into a Snatch and Rowing as main movements for this cycle. Breaking it down into the functional movements we will working on the Pull Up, Back & Overhead Squats and Hinges.

In this cycle there will be more sessions focused on Barbell skills for beginners & advanced members, a strength squat cycle is back, a pull up strength cycle is new and we are zooming in to rowing technique.

To train our aerobic capacity we will work on our different path ways and use our strength & conditioning program to strengthen metabolic flexibility. There's tons of info on the internet so please do your own research but have a read of below:

What is metabolic flexibility? 

The two primary fuel sources you body runs on are glucose and fat. Glucose is found in carbohydrate while fat can come from ingested food or your own adipose tissue. Metabolic flexibility is therefore the body’s ability to switch between these two fuel sources depending on availability and need.

Metabolic flexibility is a survival adaptation developed over the course of human evolution. Imagine the pre-agricultural or Cave man era (also know as starving Freshman year in the dorms). When food is plentiful, the body runs mostly on carbohydrate, but when food is not available, rather than starving, the body is able to burn its existing adipose tissue to survive. Although a survival adaption, metabolic flexibility in our overfed modern society provides the means to “hack” our biology to improve both performance and appearance!

Benefits of Metabolic Flexibility

Increased fat loss – once your body learns to burn fat for fuel, it will do so at rest, so while you sit on the couch or walk down the street you body will be burning away at your adipose tissue
Better recovery between workouts – The ability to switch to ketosis when at rest results in better and faster recovery and repair between workout days and even between workouts in the same day.
Increased insulin sensitivity – Being metabolically flexible leads to greater insulin sensitivity, which means that the body will more efficiently use carbohydrate as fuel for workouts.
Better Anabolic Response to meals – Your body will more efficiently utilize nutrients to build muscle

In summary it is going to be a busy first 3 months of the year!