How are we doing?

Most of you noticed in week 1 that you have been eating way to much Fat for too long. What does this mean?

Well if you eat a lot of fat your metabolism changes. People on very low carb- and high fat diets change their metabolism so much that their body doesn't know how to burn carbs anymore. So if you, like me, have been eating too much fat your body might find it very hard to digest all the carbs in the beginning. You are in a way changing your metabolism. 

So if you feel that your body is slowing down in loosing weight, that might be the problem. Stick to it though and try to stay low in fat.

I also noticed that a lot of you are not working out as much as you  should. If your body is learning to digest all the carbs it is very important that you train A LOT! training will help your body to digest the carbs and will sent the sugars straight to your muscles instead of storing it as fat. Make sure you hit the gym a lot! Kick start your body to burn those carbs.

Keep it going guys!