Tips to help you stay on track

You have started this challenge because you want to feel better and look better. To feel better you need to eat healthy and consume only the right carbs, fats and proteins.

It's all about how much you want something and what you are willing to do for it. In our daily lives we are constantly confronted with choices. If you want to achieve a certain goal you need to make sure you make the right choice.

If you go to a restaurant you have the choice to go for the french fries and large puddings, or you can choose the meat/fish option with the vegetables.  It's up to you to make that choice.

Obviously we all need to have a cheat every now and then. Especially if you like to continue this challenge after the 12 weeks and maybe for the rest of your lives. The best way I believe to go about this is to have set rules for yourself.

We already discussed before that you should not have sweets in the house if you know you can't resist them. So make the correct choice in only stocking what's good for you. You can also have fixed 'cheat days'. For example Friday night is your fixed Fish and Chips day or your MC Donald day. And on Saturday evening you have some wine and some extra snacks.

If you set yourself fixed days that you can cheat (a bit) you make the choices on the days that you should eat lean and clean easy. If you are in that restaurant on a clean and lean day you don't even have to make a choice, you know what you must eat.

Be flexible but only on set times and days. On all other days you don't have alcohol in the house, you don't stock the 'wrong' foods and you stick to the challenge.

Let's all give this a try. Set your own goals and 'cheat' days and eat Clean on all other days.

Let me know how it goes.