We are entering week 4 

Most of you are doing really well. Some loose more body fat then weight on the scale but that is fine and common. 

For week 4 I would like to give you all an extra challenge. As we are doing a macro based challenge we have learned that an hormonal balance is very important in any diet. If you missed this scroll down on the CCblog and find the post on this.

Within the Felxi diet we are allowed dairy but I would like you all to exclude all dairy from your diet for a week. The people in the challenge who lost most weight in the first week are most likely very sensitive to hormonal changes and dairy is filled with growth hormones as its produces to make calves grow fast. 

To exclude dairy from your diet for a week you are doing a great test to find out what effect dairy has on your body. If after a week you start taking dairy again, but you are straight in the toilet or feel bloated you know that you might want to exclude dairy for ever from your diet.

If you like milk in your coffee try something else like Coconut milk or learn to drink it black. Same for your tea or try some different tastes of tea.

Good luck everyone with week 4!