Learn to know your body

So we are now getting close to half way the challenge. By now you should all have tried different things to get to the correct macro's or if you are doing the scaled version you have find a new way of eating.  

Anyone can give you a diet, but in the end its important that you understand your body and you understand food. Everyone reacts differently to different foods and it's up to you to know how your body reacts. You all have got a set of total calories with the correct macro's. Now it's time to play around with these. If you eat a lot of starchy carbs, how do you feel after? Do you prefer to skip breakfast, because it just makes you feel sick? How do you feel after a very fatty meal? 

Protein feeds the muscles, it helps to repair them after a workout and makes them grow. Carbohydrates are a sugar for the body; it gives you energy. Starchy carbs like pasta, potatoes, rice and so on are easier to digest and will give you that sugar shot quicker and vegetables are digesting slower and therefor give you a more balanced sugar level. Fat is like carbs; it gives you energy but fat also slows down your metabolism. That is why we like to eat all 3 together as the fats will make sure your hormonal balance stays in tact and all gets slowly digested.

So now you have got your macro's right lets see how you react to it all. If you eat all your calories, do loose more weight? Yes - keep eating, as eating less will put you in starving mote. How do you react to fats? Try to eat a bit less for 3 days and see what happens? How do you react to starchy carbs? Try to eat less of it for 3 days and see what happens...


I have added my pictures of now and 4 weeks ago. In this period I have lost 3.8 kilo. For some that sounds like nothing, for some its sounds like a lot... It just depends on your target. My target was to loose 4 kilo's of weight, so I am pretty happy. In the photo's you can see the difference of 3.8 kilo... 

But this is just looking at body appearance and body weight... Some of you informed me of what is happening 'behind the scenes'. Some of you started with a very high blood pressure and found with eating healthier the blood pressure dropped, some of you felt always tiered and found that with eating healthier you feel more energised, some of you had bad skin and found with eating healthier the skin has improved, some of you suffered from constipation and found that with eating healthier this has gone..

Remember that eating different, better.. knowing your body will improve much more then just your appearance!

Keep it going guys!