Our Bodies are very clever!

Today I had a conversation with a very nice ladiy and I thought I should share with you all what we discussed.

Some people, especially ladies, have at some point in their lifes used a crash diet. For example 2 months before your summer holiday you go for 3 weeks on a super low calorie diet to loose weight. And I can guarantee you all that you did loose weight, a LOT! Then a year later when the summer comes again you try to do the same as it worked so well and guess what... It doesn't work this time, you hardly loose anything...

Why? Our bodies are super clever and learn to adapt. So if you hunger yourself for 3 weeks your body will adapt. So next time when you do the same your body remembers this stage of starvation and will adapt by slowing down your metabolism. So most people will go lower and lower in calorie in take to get the result they are after. But no matter how low you go, it won't work.

For the last 6 weeks I have been telling you to always eat enough.. If you don't eat to perform you won't get the result you are after. All of you are CrossFitters which means that in every session you do tough workouts. If you under eat you won't be able to perform in the gym. You will be tiered, you  won't recover as quick and your body will constantly be in a protective mote.

So if you are still cutting your calories, and if you still are far away from hitting your macro's you might as well stop your challenge as you won't get any results!

Same goes for working out in the gym. I have been observing a lot of people who are doing the challenge and how they perform in the Box. I noticed, and especially with the ladies, that you don't push yourself. Our program is designed to get stronger and fitter, but again your bodies are very clever. So if you do your thing, sweat and get a bit out of breath your body will adapt. The only way you will see CHANGE in your body shape, fitness and strength is when you get OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE because if you get to that point, that is where your body constantly needs to adapt and that is where CHANGE HAPPENS!

So stick to your calories and if you have been under eating for a long time it will take weeks for your body to 'get better' again and to work normally. The more you workout and the more you push yourself the quicker the adjustment comes.



So from now on I hope to see you all FLAT ON THE FLOOR after every workout. Push yourself to the limit, even if this is hard. CHANGE HAPPENS when you  MAKE IT HAPPEN! It doesn't just happen. Keep working and keep pushing! Force your body to adjust.



See you in your next workout!