How are things going?

I have been asked a lot of questions in the last 4 days I would like to ask you all to put from now on your questions on our Facebook Challenge page, this way everyone can see your question and everyone can see the answer. Start your Facebook post with: QUESTION followed by your question. Others might give you answers and I will try to answer them as well if I have got the answers. 

There are still people who struggle with the total calories. This is very normal and make sure I am aware of this. All the calculations are done by a computer which uses the input of 'average people'. Luckily hardly anyone is average and we all digest food and use our bodies in different ways, so the computer will get close to what you need, but we might need to change things here and there. I will make these changes every weekend so that you are ready for the following week.

On Friday evening I like you all to sent me an email with in the subject line: CHALLENGE FRIDAY.  In this email i would like you to inform me of the difference in weight since last Friday and the difference in body fat. I also would like to have a short update on how the week went and any 'issues' you might have.

If you are not in the box today, here a nice workout you can do at home:

every 3 min run 400 meter + 12 sit ups for 7 rounds. If you have less then 20sec rest at the end of each round or can't finish it drop your run to 300m. Use the runners app to measure the distance.

One question I had:

What is more important, focus on calories or Macro's?

Most of you might know I am a keen believer in having always the macro's right. Our body uses different nutritions for different energy and purposes and it is very important we have the balance right. Eating too much protein will support built of muscle, but if you don't use your muscles enough it will be stored as fat. Carbs will give you the energy to repair your muscles and to get through the day, but again you need to produce enough energy to burn them. Fat is a bit in the middle, a 'neutral' energy which your body uses where needed or stores.

To create the right balance you always need to make sure you eat your carbs, protein and fat with every meal in as good as possible proportion. This way you create a normal balance which means your body is able to work in the best way possible. If you reach this balance you will see that your body gets more happy, you will have more energy and burn your calories well.

So I would say, getting the marco's right is IMPORTANT! getting as close to your calories as possible comes next. And as we are still in the first trial week your calories might still be a bit off.